Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Long Time No Post ! 3-30-11

                     "Old Ironsides Cruising Boston Harbor" 12"x24" oil on canvas SOLD

       I apologize for the absence of the last 2 months but its been the same old story for me, Depression,Depression Depression ! I thought by writing this blog it would some how pull me out of this midnight-black fog of life but sadly, it has not been the case. The long ,dark months of winter have always been a time of semi-gloom for me but never have I been so irretrievable from the depths of  the glowering sea of despair as these last few weeks. Does anyone else out there in the cold, crestfallen , wretchedness of this never-ending winter of discontent know what it's like to wake up in the morning and have absolutely no desire to do anything at all but sit and rot the day away? Now I know for some of my hard-working ,nine to five readers out there that this may sound like a pleasant respite from your weekly toil but for me its like my soul has taken a vacationThe passion has completely left, walked out on me . I feel divorced from the interests which normally make life so rich an experience.
       But alas, a new dawn approaches on the horizon. A glimmer of replenishing light in the pitch-black cavern of joylessness. For I have sought treatment for what ails me with a VA psychiatrist. Or was it a psychologist? (I know not the difference). And I am feeling much better.With a little luck( and a little Zoloft) I'll be back on my feet and smelling the ever sweet fragrance of spring in no time. I'm painting again , the one which I've posted above I've submitted to the Department of Defense to hopefully hang in a brand new facility opening this August in Washington DC.