Monday, January 30, 2012

I'm Back 1-30-12

                             " Green Harbor Moon" 18"x20" oil on canvas $800 SOLD

           Unfortunately, for the last few months my posts on this blog have been virtually non-existent. This has been due to a number of set-backs I've been enduring, mainly having to do with my overall health and well being. I will spare my audience the gory details and instead will happily report to you that my life seems to be back on track (at least for the time being).
          The painting above has been sitting on my easel since late summer. I finally managed to achieve an acceptable result so that I can officially call it "finished". The scene depicts the view from across the channel that enters the picturesque inlet on the South Shore of Massachusetts known as "Green Harbor" in Marshfield, MA. Some of my local readers may remember the public beach which used to be located directly adjacent to the harbor, known locally as "Burke's Beach".This is the view from the jetty at the old beach if you were to look directly across the little channel. I took my family out there on a moonlit, late- August night last year. I wanted to get some pictures of the full moon and thought of this spot from my childhood. I remember, as a small child, sitting on the jetty and drawing this exact scene (in daylight) in my sketchpad. Unfortunately, the public beach is no longer there. However, you can still gain access to the spot by way of a private beach for local residents.