Monday, September 23, 2013

Summer's End

"Best Buds" 8x8 oil on board $300 *SOLD*
All paintings are framed with 3" wide "plein air " style gold frames and ready to hang.
To purchase painting, email me at or call
774-419-4160 Tuesdays-Saturdays 10am-5pm

                 As the summer is officially coming to an end, I'm reminded of the promise I made back in June to get more work done and posted on this blog. As always, I make promises I can't keep. The simple fact is that as a double amputee, there are a myriad of complications and intervening circumstances that always seem to hold me back from attaining the goals I set for myself. However, I realize that I must "drive on" and continue to strive for achievement, less I become stagnant and morose. I'm happy to report to you that it's not all glum though. I've managed to salvage a couple paintings from my otherwise impotent summer of inactivity.
               The first, I've posted above and depicts two boys enjoying their day at the beach. Many of us can recall happy memories of idyllic summer days like this which adorn the halls of our minds-eye like magnificent paintings in a regal gallery. They construct a foundation of remembrances on which will help bear the weight of life experience .