Saturday, June 23, 2012

                        " Fishing Off Falmouth 2 " 10"x10" oil on canvasboard $300 SOLD

            Ever since losing my arms I've longed to join my comrades in tackle on a fishing excursion. Though my injuries may prevent me from doing so in any effective way, I can still re-live the experience through painting scenes like the one above. I still enjoy taking my son fishing and watching him reel in a "Big One" from the murky depths. There's something very primordial in the struggle which ensues when one hooks a nice size fish. And the serene backdrop of an ending summer's day provides the perfect setting for the ancient contest.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Painting

                             " Ready to Score" 8"x8" oil on canvasboard $250

                 Over the last year my wife and I have had the privilege of being soccer parents for the first time since our  kids were born. Now I'll admit, I've never really been a fan of the sport. I myself, am  more partial to football or hockey. But going to these Sunday afternoon games has become a welcomed ritual for us now. We love to watch our son play and cheer him on enthusiastically. Practicing with him has become a great way to bond, and I'm sad to see the spring season come to an end. So much so, that I decided to do a painting to commemorate our new found enjoyment.

              For purchasing  info : Email me at  * All paintings are framed and Ready to Hang with 3" wide "plein air" style gold frames.
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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Special Thanks to the Massachusetts DAV - 6/5/12

                             "Putting at Granite Links" 12"x24" oil on canvas
                                          Auctioned at event for $2750

                I am very honored and humbled to have been chosen by the Massachusetts Disabled American Veterans ( DAV ) as their Disabled Veteran of the Year for 2012. I have donated a painting to auction for their "Heroes Among Us" gala that will be held at Granite Links Golf  Club on June 15, 2012. When I was asked to donate a painting, I originally had absolutely no idea what to paint for the event. Then I remembered hearing about the spectacular views of the Boston skyline from Granite Links. My wife Jenn and I decided to take a ride on an amazingly beautiful spring morning in early May. All I can say is that the rumors did not do the view justice. It was indeed , AMAZING! Originally, I was planning on just painting the skyline itself. But as we were heading back to the car after snapping some great pictures, we spotted this man practicing his putts on a little practice green. I asked Jenn to snap a few shots but she was way ahead of me. Upon returning home and reviewing the reference photos, I thought the ones with the golfer were the most interesting and challenging to paint. I was especially eager to capture the atmospheric perspective created by the haze on the skyline. I was also intrigued by the golfer's bright red cap which compliments the many hues of both cool and warm greens in the scene.

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