Sunday, May 22, 2011

New Painting to Honor Memorial Day - 5/22/11

                                          " A Time for Honoring " 8"x8" oil on canvasboard $275 SOLD

      Last weekend I had the distinct pleasure of taking part in an activity which I cherish every time I get the chance to participate- the replacing of flags at the grave sights of those who have most honorably served our country. Each year our local veterans' agent coordinates a sizable effort , recruiting members of the VFW, American Legion , Boyscouts, Girlscouts, Cubscouts and Brownies to get the task done before Memorial Day. Naturally, being the parents of a cubscout ourselves and perhaps more notably , being a disabled veteran of one of our Nation's most recent armed conflicts, my wife and I are always acquiescent participants in this solacing and moving endeavour. The kids have a good time doing it too, and I'm always deeply touched by their eager coherence to partake in the labor. My hope for them is that they will store these memories somewhere deep inside their still undeveloped conscience, almost subliminally, so that they will always associate sacrifice with honor . That they will learn to appreciate those sacrifices and gain a good understanding of the actual cost of freedom and use that knowledge to make sound decisions for the good of our Nation. I hope that they will ultimately learn to respect and revere our flag and the countless indomitable, heroic acts of valor it has taken to defend it and the liberties and freedom it represents .This is my pure and simple ( if not naive) hope, for patriotism and a sincere respect for our fallen to endure.
       This Memorial Day , please take a quiet moment by yourself or with family and friends to  remember those who have given all they could possibly give to preserve and secure our freedom.



  1. Peter,
    You did an absolutely amazing job capturing her in this photo!!! Thank you for all you do!!!
    Alisa-Marie's mom Brownie troop 80217

  2. What a wonderful scene. I immediately thought of you & your kids replacing the flags - before I read your post. Developing & storing memories...indeed.

  3. Great art work buddy! I think of you often. Hope we can get together and do some plein- air paintings of some Middleboro Farms. Keep on painting and inspiring so many. You rock Peter and so does your art work.
    Take care.
    Your Middleboro Art Buddy Michael P.

  4. Greetings from Alaska! I came across to your blog through WOW, I am speechless, you have some awesome artwork, man!!

  5. Got your email. Will tweet, will share FB!!
    Beautifully done~

  6. Beautiful!! I'm Glad you've got something you love to do!! Awesome work, will share link, as well!! Thoughts & Prayer's for you & your's..