Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Painting 6-22-11

                         " Down To The Beach" 6x6 oil on canvasboard $200 SOLD

        With the advent of summer kicking off this past month , I've been extremely busy painting new material for the season. Summer is art festival time and I've been gearing up for that as well. Last year I won for best oil painting at one local festival and I also received honorable mentions. This year I'm out for a " Best In Show" award , but that will require painting on a much larger scale. In the meantime, I'll continue to post more small gems like the one above. It depicts an everyday scene commonplace to the small beach-towns that dot the southeastern Massachusetts coast.


  1. Although I've just recently started following your work, this seems different for you, but in a good way - of course. This is adorable! If you see a little kid with an inner-tube, you can almost bet this is the way they will carry it. Just a very happy fresh painting. Love it. I'm sharing on my FB. Have a great and successful summer.

  2. Nice and crisp, great job. Reminds me of Edward Potthast's beach scenes.