Saturday, June 23, 2012

                        " Fishing Off Falmouth 2 " 10"x10" oil on canvasboard $300 SOLD

            Ever since losing my arms I've longed to join my comrades in tackle on a fishing excursion. Though my injuries may prevent me from doing so in any effective way, I can still re-live the experience through painting scenes like the one above. I still enjoy taking my son fishing and watching him reel in a "Big One" from the murky depths. There's something very primordial in the struggle which ensues when one hooks a nice size fish. And the serene backdrop of an ending summer's day provides the perfect setting for the ancient contest.

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  1. Another nice piece. It's great how you've been focusing on gesture (body language) and atmospheric lighting in your work. Keep it up! By the way, do you think you'd ever like to join The Joe Bonham Project and travel with us to do art of the guys still undergoing treatment at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda?

  2. Peter!
    Great art work.
    So happy to see your work posted for all to enjoy.
    Hope to see you around town. When the weather gets a bit cooler maybe we could paint some barn scenes?
    Take care.
    Your Middleboro Art Buddy,