Friday, November 2, 2012

New Painting

"Moonlight on the Bog" 8"x8" oil on canvasboard 
$250 SOLD

           Here in Southeastern Massachusetts where I live, I'm surrounded by cranberry bogs. In fact, the Ocean Spray headquarters is located right here in my hometown of Middleborough. It's inevitable, if you're driving through the local back roads , and major routes as well, that you'd be bound to drive by numerous bogs like the one pictured above. They are a fixture of the local landscape. Although I'm surrounded by them, I've never actually done a painting of one. I chose to do a night scene to capture the sense of isolated serenity one can feel while passing by. In the fall, the bogs are flooded to harvest the berries.

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  1. Hello Peter!
    Another great one! Love that you chose the bogs at night. Love the darks. The colors are fantastic. I also love the brush strokes. Almost surreal!
    If you get a chance check out my blog.
    A few posts back I did a few bog paintings. Almost abstract like! I think you might enjoy them.
    Keep painting buddy!
    Take care

  2. At first glance, I thought this was a fishing scene! Great painting all the same.

    1. Had a problem replying to comments, finally fixed it. Thanks Brian!

  3. Terrific!!
    Debby Whitsitt... Very proud mom of MN2 Steven (USNavy) and SPC Geoffrey (KIA 2010 Afghanistan)

    1. Sorry 4 late reply. I had a problem with my settings but finally fixed. Thanks 2 you and your sons 4 serving and 4 your tragic loss.We owe you everything! Many prayers and God Bless.